Judge Denies Mediation Motion in Caesars Entertainment Bankruptcy “As Unnecessary”


By Donald L. Swanson
Caesars Entertainment recently filed its Motion to appoint a mediator for plan confirmation issues.

Thereafter, nearly a dozen responses to the Motion are filed by creditors and other constituencies.  No response opposes the Motion—most offer suggestions for maximizing mediation effectiveness.  An ad hoc committee’s response even declares: 

“the Debtors’ proposed mediation may be precisely what these cases need to avoid further delays and costs associated with wasteful and unnecessary litigation.”

The Court heard the mediation Motion this afternoon in Chicago.  The Court, moments ago, issued its Order (a copy is attached above) denying the mediation Motion “as unnecessary for the reasons stated on the record.”

Subsequent reports will undoubtedly explain what the Judge said on the record this afternoon.  Presumably, the Judge referred the parties to mediation procedures already established in Local Rule 9060 as the basis for his “unnecessary” ruling.

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