Uniform Commercial Code: 2022 Amendments — An Overview (Interview #1)

By: Donald L Swanson

This video interview provides an overview of the 2022 amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”).

The interview is with Edwin Smith, who is an expert on the 2022 UCC amendments because he chaired the Drafting Committee of the Uniform Law Commission that produced the 2022 UCC amendments.

Ed is also a partner with the Morgan Lewis law firm of New York and Boston and a Commissioner for Massachusetts with the Uniform Law Commission.

In this video, Edwin Smith answers these three questions about the 2022 UCC amendments:

  1. Could you discuss, generally, the 2022 UCC amendments and what they are all about?
  2. What is the driving force behind the 2022 UCC amendments?
  3. What was the process for developing and drafting the 2022 UCC amendments?

Here’s a huge “thank you” to Edwin Smith for the information in this interview!

** If you find this article of value, please feel free to share. If you’d like to discuss, let me know.

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