Proactive Mediation: The Great Innovation of Detroit and Diocese Reorganizations

The Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation website is publishing an article by Donald L. Swanson, entitled "Proactive Mediation: The Great Innovation of Detroit and Diocese Reorganizations." The article appears on the Commercial Bankruptcy Litigation website at this address: Follow Don on Twitter by clicking here.

Mediating Detroit’s Pension Disputes: The Process Explained (Updated with Responses 3/24/16)

By Donald L. Swanson 40 people are in the room at the first mediation session about Detroit’s two pension plans.  There aren’t enough chairs in the room to go around, so the mediator, Eugene Driker, stands for the entire four-hour meeting. This is an unusual mediation: Its issues and disputes are newly joined, so the... Continue Reading →

Eugene Driker: Private Practice (“Civilian”) Mediator in Detroit’s Bankruptcy

  By Donald L. Swanson Get this: all six mediators in the Detroit Bankruptcy are sitting or retired federal judges -except one. Eugene Driker is the lone exception.  He is the only private-practice mediator in the group - or, as Mr. Driker describes it, “I was the civilian.”  That makes him an example and hero... Continue Reading →

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