Chicago Bankruptcy Court v. Mediation: Making News . . . Again!

By Donald L. Swanson Back in February, 2016, we learn that the Bankruptcy Court in Chicago has revoked its local rules on mediation, while still encouraging parties to mediate their disputes. This development seems a bit . . . well . . . bizarre. After all, for example, such an approach appears to violate Federal... Continue Reading →

Mediator in Caesars Entertainment Resigns — With an Interesting Explanation

By Donald L. Swanson Here is a photo of the resignation letter from the mediator in the Caesars Entertainment bankruptcy proceeding. Wow!!  That's an interesting take. And kudos to the mediator.  It's always refreshing to see a principled stance. This Caesars case is pending in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois, located... Continue Reading →

They’re in a bit of a pickle — Part Three: Conflicts of Interest for Bankruptcy Judges as Mediators in Chicago

By: Donald L. Swanson One reason given by the Chicago Bankruptcy Court for the recent revocation of its Local Mediation Rules is this: --Several Judges in the Chicago Bankruptcy Court have agreed to mediate cases for their colleagues on that Court. The pickle is this: --such intra-court mediator appointments create a conflict of interest. This... Continue Reading →

They’re in a Bit of a Pickle, Part Two: What if the City of Chicago Files Bankruptcy?

By: Donald L. Swanson If the City of Chicago were to file bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Court in Chicago would find itself in a bit of a pickle. It's not a between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place type of pickle. It's more of a between-a-rock-and-an-I-don't-want-to-go-there pickle. First of all, let's note that prospects for a City of Chicago bankruptcy filing are... Continue Reading →

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