Government Bankruptcies: Needs of Citizens Take Priority Over Creditor Claims (Assured Guaranty v. Puerto Rico)

By: Donald L Swanson Puerto Rico’s long-standing financial straits, rendered more dire by Hurricane Maria, create an issue of bankruptcy priority: should available funds be used to, (i) address hurricane devastation and daily citizen needs, or (ii) pay creditor claims when due? --The answer to this priority is simple and easy in Puerto Rico: citizen needs... Continue Reading →

Leveraged Buyouts as Fraudulent Transfers: Battling the § 546(e) “Safe Harbor” Defense

By Donald L. Swanson Every now and then a battle shapes up between two heavyweights: --Think Muhammed Ali v. George Forman; Magic Johnson v. Larry Bird; Bart Starr v. Roger Stauback. It looks like such a battle is shaping up between two Federal court heavy-weights on bankruptcy issues: --It’s between the Second Circuit Court of Appeals... Continue Reading →

Reverse Fraudulent Transfer Claim: Venezuela and Disputes Over Gold

  By: Donald L Swanson Ancient History Millenia ago, advanced civilizations flourish around the Mediterranean, across east Asia, and in portions of the Western Hemisphere. Mediterranean and east Asia civilizations communicate and trade, back then, across silk roads but remain isolated from the Western Hemisphere. That isolation continues for a very-long time: until 1492. In the... Continue Reading →

Propping Up a High-Price Model of Higher Education: In re Pratola

By Donald L. Swanson The U.S. Government continues to prop up a high-price model of higher education, forcing students to bear the brunt of such foolishness! News reports are filled these days with student loan crisis stories. We hear how: --"the number of Americans severely behind on payments on federal student loans reached roughly 4.6 million... Continue Reading →

U.S. Supreme Court and Statute of Frauds for Nondischargeability (§ 523(a)(2)): In re Appling

By: Donald L Swanson On Friday, January 12, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari in Lamar, Archer & Cofrin, LLP v. Appling (In re Appling), Case No. 16-1215, to resolve an indistinct legal standard. The case is about a statute of frauds for nondischargeability. Generally, a statute of frauds requires that certain promises be in... Continue Reading →

The “Estate Neutral” as an Expert Witness, a Mediator and a Financial Advisor

By: Donald L Swanson When ABI’s Commission to Study the Reform of Chapter 11 issued its Final Report in 2014, one creative approach it recommended is to authorize a new bankruptcy position: the "estate neutral." The Final Report says that chapter 11 "needs to offer tools to resolve a debtor’s financial distress." The estate neutral would... Continue Reading →

Bankruptcy Laws Need to Adequately Protect Entrepreneurs from Downside Risks

By Donald L. Swanson Individuals can, and often do, file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Three professors recently published an article in the ABI Law Review on a ground breaking study of Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases for individual debtors. --The three professors are Richard M. Hynes (University of Virginia; Charlottesville, Va.), Anne Lawton (Lansing, Mich.), and Margaret Howard (Washington &... Continue Reading →

Eight Unfortunate Ninth Circuit Words in Sunnyslope: “We Take the Supreme Court at its Word.”

By Donald L. Swanson The case is In re Sunnyslope Housing Ltd. Partnership, 859 F.3d 637 (9th Cir. 2017). It’s before the U.S. Supreme Court on Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, which is set for conference on January 5, 2018. In Sunnyslope, the Ninth Circuit’s ruling is based on a Chapter 13 valuation standard established... Continue Reading →

Subchapter S Revocation as Fraudulent Transfer? Courts are Finally Getting it Right!

By Donald L. Swanson “For the reasons set forth below, the Court holds that S corporation status is not ‘property’ for the purposes of 11 U.S.C. §§ 544(b), 548.” --Judge Kevin R. Huennekens in Arrowsmith v. USA (In re Health Diagnostic Laboratory, Inc., Case No 17-04300, Doc. 54 (Bankr.E.D.Va., December 6, 2017). The reasons identified by... Continue Reading →

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